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Make Your Own Seasoning Salt

Make Your Own Seasoning Salt

I was making dinner preparations for tonight’s meal when I discovered my seasoning salt was low. Checked my index, and no, haven’t posted about how to make your own seasoning salt similar to Lawry’s or many other brands. So, it’s about time I provide this simple, easy to make recipe so you can stop paying money for something you can make any time you need it at home for a fraction of the “already prepared” price. This recipe yields about 14 ounces.


Recycled container or jar with tight lid – 16 ounces or bigger
8 TBS Salt
6 TBS Black pepper
5 TBS Paprika
1 TBS Onion Powder
2 TBS Garlic Powder
Tablespoon measure

Use a recycled seasoning salt container or similar container if you want a shake top. In the absence of a shake top container, a jar such as a mason jar, etc with a screw top lid will work just as well. Your container should hold at least 16 ounces as you will need room to shake and mix the seasoning salt.

Put all of the ingredients into the container.

Close the container and shake well. I like to cover mine with a towel or napkin while shaking it, and shake it over the sink, to reduce leaking the powder all over. Also, on more than one occasion in my 24 years of making this seasoning salt, the lid has popped off mid-shake. If it pops off over the sink, you will have less mess to clean up…but hold tight to that lid and container!

There you have it: Seasoning Salt.

You can find other recipes, ideas, and projects here in my Index: http://angelinehawkes.livejournal.com/180046.html

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