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THE DEVIL BEHIND ME, the newest FULBRIGHT & HAWKES novella from DARK REGIONS PRESS is available as a Kindle Countdown Deal for the next 6 days.

Alex Brandt’s life is the stuff of lore and legend, but not the fairytale one would welcome. The sole survivor of the Krampusnacht Massacre, Alex was shipped away to America on the heels of tragedy. Childhood trauma followed him to an adulthood plagued with fear and self-doubt. The horror of his past affects him so deeply each holiday season that his girlfriend urges him to resolve his issues once and for all.
Seeking closure to the Christmas tragedy, with the help of his uncle and a retired German police officer, Alex returns to the scene of the crime in Bavaria. But what lurks in the Alpine darkness on the snow-swept mountain slopes knows Alex has come back, and it’s seeking some closure of its own…

"Fulbright and Hawkes add murder to the mix, along with an old witch, some kinky sex, and ultimately a dramatic confrontation with evil itself. THE DEVIL BEHIND ME races along at a very satisfying pace, and it's creepy enough to satisfy any fan of horror fiction. I enjoyed it and think it's well worth reading." - James Reasoner, Spur Award nominee, author of Texas Wind and Redemption Kansas

Buzz for other works:

"Fulbright and Hawkes bite all the way to the bone!"- Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Fall of Night and Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers

"Required reading for the discerning horror connoisseur." - Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award winner and author of The Savage Dead

"Fulbright and Hawkes don't deliver the devil's child, exactly, here...but they do deliver something deliciously wicked: a bloody good read!" - John Everson, Bram Stoker Award winner and author of Violet Eyes

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