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BLOOD ALONE now available in print/ebook


BLOOD ALONE by Angeline Hawkes Available now in Print/Ebook

Morven the Black: once a Crusader, now a Vampyre of Kasimir blood, bides his time, building his army with dying soldiers gleaned from history’s battlefields.

Then should the Vampyre come -- the winged one, the black one, to possess the Eye of Holdair; and there shall be among his seed a great race of Vampyre who need not quench their thirst with the blood of humanity, and who walk in the sunlight impervious to the death it brings to their kind. These Vampyre the winged one will birth until an army of Sun Walkers shall hold sway over all Kasimir. – The Book of Inais. The Great Scrolls

In an archeological adventure spanning history, Morven the Black, seeks the legendary amulet, the Eye of Holdair, which grants the wearer mastery over bloodlust and the ability to breed children unaffected by the sun.

Blood Alone is beset with Kasimir witches and warlocks, and armies of Vampyre – all vying to alter the fate of the world. The prophecies foretell of a Vampyre who will unite the Vampyre Houses and rule over the Kasimir, dominating even human kind – bringing the creatures of the night out of the shadows forever.

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About the Author:
Angeline Hawkes holds a B.A. in Composite English Language Arts and Secondary Education from Texas A&M University-Commerce. She is a former high school teacher. Look for Angeline's upcoming collection from Bad Moon Books, Inferno: Tales of Hell and Horror -- and Fulbright & Hawkes novella, The Devil Behind Me, coming from Dark Regions Press. Her collection, The Commandments, was a Bram Stoker award finalist. Angeline's story, "In Waters Black the Lost Ones Sleep", appears in the Origins award-nominated Chaosium anthology, Frontier Cthulhu. Recent fiction includes Sorrow Creek and Black Mercy Falls -- and the upcoming Elder Wood Manor, Delirium Books novellas, co-written with Christopher Fulbright. Bad Moon Books published Angeline's sword and sorcery collection, Out of the Garden and Other Tales of the Barbarian Kabar of El Hazzar. Scavengers, a novel from Elder Signs Press, is another Fulbright and Hawkes collaboration. Angeline has seen the publication of novels, novellas, collections, fiction in 40 anthologies, and over 100 short fiction publications. She is a former active member of HWA and of the Robert E. Howard UPA. Visit her websites at www.angelinehawkes.com and www.fulbrightandhawkes.com.


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Oct. 16th, 2013 02:26 pm (UTC)
VERY shiny! Congrats!
Oct. 16th, 2013 02:43 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much :)
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