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Children learn by repetition. Recite the days of the week at least once a day with your child, while reinforcing the concept by placing a magnet featuring today’s day on the refrigerator (or other metal surface in a high traffic area). A simple colored sheet of paper can serve as a “base” for the day and weather magnet. Select simple weather images and print them out on paper to create cards similar to the days of the week cards. After you place the appropriate day magnet on your paper base, discuss the weather outside with your child and allow her/him to select the most suitable weather type. Sometimes weather changes throughout the day. Take this opportunity to discuss changing weather on a comprehension level appropriate to your child’s learning level.

This is a great project for older children to make or help make using recycled materials such as blank one-sided junk mail, advertising magnets (which are easily cut to the needed size), or cardboard/card stock with a blank side (no printing).

What you’ll need:

Card stock/cardboard or 3x5 index cards
Colored paper
Glue or glue stick
Images of weather
Typed or hand written days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
Weather images

Select a colored or patterned piece of paper. I used an 8 1/2x 11 printed scrapbook papers. Allow the child to decorate it if desired.  Type or write the words:

Today is…

Glue or write it on/to the paper near the top of the page.

Type and print off, or write on paper, the 7 days of the week.

Draw, cut from coloring books/magazines, etc, or print off from the computer easily identifiable weather images. Simple is best. You don’t want to make it confusing or have any doubt as to which weather concept is being discussed. I used this website: http://www.homeschoolfever.com/daily-weather-poster-free-weather-cards/

Using index cards or cardstock/paper, (you can get as elaborate or as simple as you want), create foundation cards for the days of the week words and the weather images. Any size rectangle is good, but 3x5 is a good manipulative size for little hands.

Cut out and glue the days of the week and weather images to the foundation cards.

Glue magnets to the back of the foundation cards. I save those flimsy advertising magnets that come in the mail or that are given away free by businesses. They’re easy to cut and glue nicely to craft projects. The only downside is occasionally the magnets will be too thin and too lightweight, requiring you to add another magnet if the weather/day card falls off the fridge.

Glue magnets to the back of the Today is…page. Or, just tape it to the fridge. 4 kids later, I have found that this sheet of paper gets a lot of bumping, smashing, and general havoc wrecked upon it. It’s easier to just tape it to the fridge so it never comes off.

Every day, find a time that can remain consistent, such as before breakfast or lunch, etc, and assist the child in selecting the appropriate day of the week magnet, place it on the Today is…page; and discuss and select the weather image. At first, you’ll be the one doing the majority of the selecting. Sometimes the child will decide there is more than one weather event going on – and they’ll want to put multiple magnets up. As long as it’s reasonable, go with it! Say the days of the week with your child every time you change the day, emphasizing today’s day.

I have also used this project to teach the days of the week in Spanish and French. I made one set of English days of the week magnets, and one set of Spanish (etc) days of the week magnets. Every day we'd match the foreign language day with the English language day. It is a versatile teaching method that can also be adapted to months of the year and holidays.

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